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Deep diving into the perspectives, systems, and processes driving business performance and new perspectives on how to solve issues affecting the modern CEO.


What is the 'Five CEOs' podcast?

Every week, we put the spotlight on the challenges CEOs are facing; giving you a quick fire round up of the best solutions to solve the week's challenge.
You'll hear from business leaders who have solved this very challenge and their lessons learned along the way.

Alister Esam - Headshot

Presented by Alister Esam, Found & CEO of beSlick

Alister is a trained actuary by profession and an investor and mentor to 20+ start-ups.

Having successfully exited his previous SaaS business, eShare, to a multibillion-dollar organisation, when he's not working on his new business, beSlick, he runs The SaaS Peer Group where tech companies meet monthly to solve each others business issues.

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