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EOS Visionary and Integrator Event - Spring 2023 - Turning Process on its Head

Following the inaugural EOS Visionary and Integrator event in 2022, EOS Implementers, Andrew Stevens and Brandon Harris, are excited to announce the spring 2023 event in Brighton.

EOS Visionary and Integrator Spring 2023 Event

Date: Thursday 16th March 2023

Time: 10am - 2pm

Location: The Old Ship Hotel, 32-38 Kings Road, Brighton. BN1 1NR

Speaker 1 - Alister Esam: Author of "The Dirty Word" - Turning process on its head to unlock business freedom. Alister was a frustrated CEO working 80 hours a week trying to make everything perfect, while unintentionally disempowering staff, demotivating them and heaping more stress on himself.

He found salvation in a surprising place, process. Often associated with control, monotony, and the death of creativity, it's a Dirty Word they try to avoid.

Alister discovered that if implemented correctly it provides empowerment, autonomy and creativity for employees while delivering business freedom for senior leadership that allows them to work on the business, not in it.

In this session Alister will unlock the secret of process with actionable advice you can implement immediately in your own business. Speaker 2 - Rupert Rawcliffe: will explore how strategy and detailed planning is essential for businesses to be transaction ready and why this greatly influences the anticipated outcome.

Rupert will cover factors that enhance or erode value and how a business can change its positioning to drive greater desirability/value. We will quickly explore market conditions and how they impact business decisions when they look at their timelines and strategies to transact. Hosts: Andrew and Brandon, will lead an engaging discussion with the speakers, exploring their unique perspectives on the intersection of visionary thinking and integration. Attendees will have the opportunity raise questions and issues in the IDS part of the agenda.

This event is perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, MD's and COO professionals interested in hearing from thought leaders. Don't miss out on this opportunity to network with other owners, leaders and learn how to improve your business. Please reserve your spot today as places will go fast and are limited. We look forward to seeing you there! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • 9.30am Welcome coffee/tea with breakfast rolls

  • 10am (Start) EOS introduction from Andrew and Brandon

  • 10.15am Alister Esam: The Dirty Word - Turning process on its head to unlock business freedom

  • 11.00am Break

  • 11.15am Rupert Rawcliffe: Why strategy and detailed planning is essential for businesses to be transaction ready

  • 11.45pm Break

  • 12.00pm IDS (community issue solving)

  • 1.00pm Lunch and Networking - Finish (2pm)


Alister Esam

Alister Esam is a successful entrepreneur and investor, having used EOS® to bootstrap his fintech software business eShare to international status operating in over 40 countries and servicing 20,000 board directors, before successfully exiting to a multibillion-dollar organisation in 2018.

During his journey, Alister cracked the code that unlocks business freedom for leaders that want to scale, while empowering employees and fostering business creativity.

Alister is also a published author of business book, The Dirty Word - The word that fills people with dread is the key to business freedom.

Rupert Rawcliffe

Rupert Rawcliffe is the founder of SRC Corporate Finance and is an award winning, highly commercial and experienced dealmaker with a proven track record gained over in excess of 25 years of delivering outstanding results. Rupert speaks on corporate finance topics both in the UK and the US.

Rupert is actively involved in working with entrepreneurs and boards in preparing for, structuring and executing transactions. He has initiated and led a wide range of transactions including repeat transactions for entrepreneurs, SMEs, private equity and larger corporate clients.

Notable transactions include the sale of Checkatrade to FTSE 100 listed Homeserve PLC, the acquisitions of Worldnet London, Worldnet International and DBE across London, Paris, Los Angeles and Milan for New York based Worldnet International Couriers and the sale of a majority stake of thought leadership specialists Longitude Research to the Financial Times.

This event is for Visionaries and Integrators running or thinking of running their business on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).



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