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Example of True Entrepreneurship

Opportunity doesn't wait for the perfect timing, so neither should we!

Alister Esam, CEO of beSlick, on the M25 with an ice cream. Police car in the background

Last week I was on my way back from Brands Hatch Circuit, but two fires on the M25 brought our journey to a stand still.

🍦 While I was waiting I noticed the ice cream van next to me had started selling ice creams and cold bottles of water. Even the police (you can see their car above my flake) bought one!

When the door to an opportunity opens, seize it with both hands.

✔️ Commit to being alert to potential

✔️ Embrace the unfamiliar

✔️ Turn challenges into stepping stones

✔️ Be audacious in your pursuit of success

🚀 As entrepreneurs, we don't wait for the perfect moment. We take a moment and make it perfect. It's the courageous entrepreneurs who turn great ideas into incredible realities! True entrepreneurship.


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