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How do I measure organisational health & how is it affecting innovation in my business?

An organisation’s health can be measured by its ability to align around a common vision and achieve strategic goals, which are essential for long-term, sustainable business performance.

However, many business leaders struggle to measure organisational health in a meaningful way, which creates difficulty for senior management in their attempts to improve it.

Start with these four traits which embody business process:

- consistency

- improvement

- empowerment

- trust

Assessing how your organisation measures against these traits then from the results, setting out ways to improve, sets a foundation for sustainable growth without killing creativity. Creativity is essential for innovation.

After all, the ability to innovate helps us grow and an organisation's health drastically affects our ability to be creative and to innovate.

Take The Dirty Word Assessment to find out how your organisation scores.

Organisational health assessment. iPad and laptop on a desk with pen and paper.


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