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How do you create an inclusive workplace culture?

Difference can be challenging, but building up the diversity of your workforce is critical to business success and even profitability. I believe growing a culture of trust and inclusion will create a more diverse and inclusive place, empowering staff to solve the biggest problems your business faces today.

But how do we drive diversity and inclusivity through our businesses?

When I found myself asking this exact question, I came across this article by IDG (International Data Group).

A couple of things really stood out to me; empathetic leadership is key and a top-down approach isn’t enough!

'Diversity and inclusion are often treated as a single initiative owned exclusively by HR. But for real change to happen, every individual leader needs to buy into the value of belonging.'

'Top-down approaches drive compliance, not commitment.'

This got me thinking about how many organisations really have a diverse and inclusive culture and how many just drive compliance.

Does your organisation really live and breath the culture it portrays? How inclusive is you workplace culture?

Different ethnic culture of hands on top of each other


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