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CEO Today - How process took me from an 80 hour to a 14 hour working week

First published 27/07/21 in CEO Today Magazine

Imagine if you could capture all the things that make a company great, different, special and turn them into something repeatable – and reliably and consistently so. This is the essence of process – which the Collins dictionary defines as ‘a method of operation’; and/or ‘a series of actions or changes’.

It is the detail of process that an organisation’s special ingredients lie. And it is through the pursuit, capture, packaging and execution of good process that a business owner/manager can expect to achieve a state of fulfilment, even bliss – as the organisation begins to deliver the expected results – without compromising their own health or happiness.

Strong, effective process is something that will enable your business to run like a well-oiled machine, while simultaneously releasing you so that you are no longer bound to it day and night. I went from working a 80- hour week as a hands-on, meddling business manager to putting in just 14 hours a week as a strategic business leader.

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