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IMPACTability Podcast - Process Management: Life Saver!

First aired 19/07/2022 on

In this episode we take an in-depth look into process management and the difficult mistakes I've made with process over the years. We also talk about the importance and complexity of the word "process" and how it can be different for everyone, directly effecting employee morale and efficiency making it a priority for any organization.

Episode Highlights/Topics:

  • Policing quality 4:00

  • Defining the term "Process" 5:00

  • Losing productivity 6:48

  • How to grow a non-profit without killing productivity 8:58

  • "Getting it" with process management 12:30

  • Examples of Process 13:45

  • How to get started without breaking bank 18:00

Process management life saver = IMPACTability podcast

Podcast - Process Management


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