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Letting go and regaining your work-life balance

Matthew Syed is spot on "The paradox of excellence is that it is built upon the foundations of necessary failure."

Remember: It’s important to take a step back, even if you have to watch people wobble at first. It’s by faltering and recovering that we learn.

You may experience some initial discomfort when you first start to loosen the reins on your business and trust your staff to run things themselves. When you first let go and relinquish control, it can be a little disconcerting. But it is all worth it when you realise how it will transform your life, making your business more successful and more independent from you. So, I would urge you to make the leap.

If you’re looking to kick-start your own transformation and recover your work-life balance, there are three things I recommend:

1. Accept it’s okay to release control of your business and let other people get involved and run it.

2. Give your staff tools to help them, so they are able to run complex collaborative processes confidently and competently, without having to remember everything.

3. Remove yourself from any gaps you’ve been trying to bridge, and trust your staff to fill them.

If you’re worried about your business leaking money during your initial 'letting go' transition, consider this as an essential investment if you are to let go and make time for things that matter most!

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