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Process erosion - 5 key reasons your processes erode over time

First published 23/07/21 in Irish Tech News

People do things differently, it’s just how the world works. And it’s not a bad thing – if they didn’t, we would still be using paper money and riding horses. But differences in attitudes and ideas can cause tension within your company so it’s important to know how to handle it, and where to look for potential problems.

People often think that processes must be documented (either in a word document or a physical file) but the reality is that this often doesn’t work. People won’t look at them, and it creates a backlog of pointless documenting work, which becomes one of the reasons people tend not to like processes.

These five issues all cause process erosion . You will end up fighting the processes and causing tensions within your staff. If you work to fight this and harness the power of your people instead, you stand a much better chance of learning and improving.

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