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Unconventional Wisdom: Unleashing Process Management Magic in SMEs

In the realm of process management, a paradigm shift is needed. It's time to break free from traditional notions and embrace a bold, dynamic approach that truly empowers small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Get ready for a wild ride as we redefine process management with amusing examples and unconventional insights.

In this article, we'll challenge conventional wisdom, inject some humour, and explore how SMEs can unleash the magic of process management in a way that engages their teams, fosters continuous improvement, and drives organisational success.

Embedding Processes: More Than Just Documentation:

Forget the notion that documenting processes is enough. It's time to take a leap and embed processes within the DNA of your organisation. Like embedding a hidden treasure in a pirate's map, processes should be seamlessly integrated into daily operations. They should be a natural part of how your teams work, guiding them effortlessly towards success. Remember, the map alone won't lead to buried treasure—you need to follow it!

Example: Picture your SME as a bustling bakery where the secret recipe for success lies in perfectly timed oven rotations. Rather than just writing down the recipe, ensure every baker embraces the process as they dance around the ovens like synchronised performers. The process becomes an embedded rhythm, ensuring consistently delicious pastries.

Iteration and Learning: Perfecting Processes Never Ends:

Perfection is an elusive beast, but that shouldn't discourage you. Process management is an ongoing adventure of continuous improvement. Instead of obsessing over achieving the perfect process up front, embrace the idea of iterating and learning. Encourage your teams to challenge the status quo, explore new possibilities, and find better ways of doing things.

Example: Imagine your SME as a quirky detective agency. Each case presents unique challenges, requiring process adaptations. Let your detectives be the creative sleuths they are, unravelling mysteries with unconventional methods. As you learn from their successes and failures, you iterate your processes to ensure future cases are cracked with finesse.

Empowering Change: Agility in Process Implementation:

Gone are the days of rigid, inflexible processes. In the fast-paced world of SMEs, change is constant. Embrace process implementation that allows for agility. Provide your teams with a software tool that effortlessly guides them through the process, adapting as needed. This way, when a better way is discovered, it can be implemented swiftly without disrupting the flow.

Example: Envision your SME as a quirky circus troupe. Each performer has their own unique routine, but they follow the overarching process of putting on a show. Provide them with a digital circus manual, where they can effortlessly update their acts, share tricks, and adapt to unexpected curveballs. The show goes on, seamlessly incorporating improvements while keeping the audience in awe.

Focus on What Needs to Be Better: Process vs. People:

Processes are meant to serve people, not the other way around. Don't get lost in documenting and embedding what already works perfectly. Instead, channel your efforts into the areas that need improvement. Tap into the brilliance of your teams, who are often smarter than the processes themselves. Encourage them to challenge the existing norms and find innovative ways to deliver better results.

Example: Visualise your SME as a whimsical toy factory, where toys are crafted with care and creativity. The process outlines the basics, but it's the toymakers who bring the magic to life. Encourage them to dream beyond the manual, experiment with new designs, and surprise children with enchanting creations that defy expectations.

Person riding magic carpet with laptop

In the world of SMEs, process management is a thrilling adventure filled with amusement and unconventional wisdom. By embedding processes, embracing iteration and learning, empowering change, and focusing on improvement, you'll unleash the true magic of process management. So, whether you're a pirate in search of buried treasure, a detective solving perplexing cases, a circus performer dazzling the crowd, or a toymaker crafting wonder, remember to inject humour, challenge conventions, and let your SME thrive with the power of process management.


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