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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast - About My Leadership Experiences

First aired 18/11/2021 on

Alister Esam is a self-confessed control freak and former actuary who bootstrapped a business and worked to the point of burnout before having a leadership revelation; by embracing process as a tool for freedom and creativity - not compliance and control - he turned around his team, business and own leadership identity.

After finding a happier, more efficient way to be a successful CEO, Alister is on a mission to help others realise that process is empowering and ever-evolving.

He joined Zoe to explain how he did it (leadership experiences), discuss culture, strategy & messy people dynamics, and to chat through his new book ‘The Dirty Word: The Word That Fills People with Dread is the Key to Business Freedom’.

Why you should listen: leadership frameworks for empowerment

  • Using tools to create a corporate culture of trust

  • Understanding the people stuff of process

  • Focusing on leadership skills for amplifying others

We explore flipping the leadership perspective on control

  • Being a leadership liberator

  • Using process to perform as an Amplifier

  • Letting go as a leadership strength

Alister Esam, people re smarter than process. Zoe Routh podcast


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