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Product Stories Podcast - Building a SaaS business now and 20 years ago

First aired 23/03/2022 on

How has the SaaS industry changed and evolved over 20 years? What is the best way to manage people with process?

Despite being a non-technical founder, Alister is a SaaS veteran. He launched his first SaaS in the early 2000's and then sold it to a competitor a few years ago.

Founder & CEO of Trustshoring — Victor is a technical founder specialized in remote software development. He’s bringing together founders and developers, coaching and consulting on lean software development, the author of the Complete Outsourcing Playbook, and the organizer of numerous events in the startup and outsourcing space.

Here you can listen to the full conversation between Victor Purolnik and Alister Esam.

Episode Highlights/Topics:

  • How Alister started a SaaS company before it was a cool thing to do

  • How Alister solved the scalability problem with software

  • Forget Farming: Alister decided to join a consultancy and be an actuary

  • Pension Plans: Worth billions but went bust when investment returns didn’t perform

  • New Regulator: Recognized need for pension funds to run better with technology

  • SaaS Supply and Demand: Mission is to solve problem others want to support

  • Motivation: Alister wanted to build something he was proud of to escape employment

  • Selling Business: Only one not gaining anything—but money, freedom—lose identity

  • Lifestyle Change: Is attaching your identity to your business healthy to be happy?

  • Bootstrap SaaS: Tougher to do today because people expect more out of the software

  • Financial Mentality: How it has changed and is understood in the SaaS industry

  • Client Perception: Why is another new system needed to solve the problem? Hassle

  • People Management: People get process wrong; assume it’s controlling, kills creativity

  • Process Deterioration: If people aren’t following process—process, not people, is wrong

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Serve purpose but usually out of date

Building a SaaS business.


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