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CXChronicles Podcast - The Four CX Pillars: Team, Tools, Process & Feedback

First aired 23/05/2022 on

In this episode I chat with Adrian Brady-Cesana, founder of the CXChronicles Podcast, about how I have tackled The Four CX Pillars: Team, Tools, Process & Feedback throughout my career and shares some of the tips & tricks that have worked across my customer focused business leader journey.

Ultimately, people are smarter than process and I explain that's why beSlick (formally Process Bliss) not only manages your recurring processes, it shows you where process is failing your people, empowering them to complete process in the best way they know how.

beSlick helps customers embed process by identifying blockers, pinpointing the key processes, improving them on a regular basis and working with teams so they are apart of the process.

Episode Highlights/Topics:

  • Why process is typically dealt with as a "dirty word" in many companies.

  • Inviting your very best customers into the scaling & optimization process.

  • Understanding your core roles + areas of accountability & authority.

  • Why process helps to drive all The Four CX Pillars.

  • How your business will gravitate towards the focus areas that you measure.

CXChronicles Podcast - Alister Esam

CXChronicles Podcast


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