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It's Not Rocket Science Podcast - Five Questions Over Coffee

First aired 07/12/2021 on YouTube

Alister Esam was a frustrated CEO and Founder who felt so passionately about his business he was working 80 hours a week trying to make everything perfect. At the same time he drove his employees up the wall. Disempowering them to the point that they could no longer contribute to the business, demotivating them and heaping more stress on himself.

He found salvation in a surprising place...

People associate process with control, monotony, routine, the status quo and with an overall death of creativity. It's a 'Dirty Word' they try to avoid.

Alister discovered that if implemented correctly process provided empowerment, autonomy and creativity for employees and delivered business freedom for himself with total reassurance his business was running itself. It also enabled him to massively accelerate improvement in his business by harnessing his team's collective brainpower.

He joined Stuart Webb on the It's Not Rocket Science podcast to look at why process is so important, why people get it so wrong and make it so horrible, and how to put it in place in a new way which can change the whole culture of a business.

Alister explains how he's implements process, discussing culture, strategy & messy people dynamics, and to chat through his new book ‘The Dirty Word: The Word That Fills People with Dread is the Key to Business Freedom’.

Key Takeaways

Valuable Free Resource or Action: (formally Process Bliss)

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