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Leadership is about: Empowerment, Trust & Letting Go

As soon as people see the word ‘process’ they immediately think, ‘You’re trying to take away my freedom and monitor me.’

This resistance is a great shame, especially given the negative effects of chaos and a lack of structure.

If process is implemented correctly, in a positive, process-enabled scenario, keeping key people in the loop should feel instinctive, because everyone desires and wants to be seen to be working towards the same outcome: success!

Process should be implemented as the foundation on which everyone in an organisation can shape and improve the way that business operates.


- empower our staff

- trust them

- let go

1. Accept that it’s ok not to have total control of your business. Other people can get involved and run it.

2. Make sure your staff have tools to help them, so that they can run complex collaborative processes confidently and competently, without having to remember everything.

3. Remove yourself from any gaps in your business that you’ve been working on, and place trust in your staff to fill them.

Listen to the full discussion between Nate Bailey & I here.

Grab your copy of my book here.

Leadership is about: Empowerment, Trust & Letting Go


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