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Nate Bailey's Champion Leadership Podcast

First aired 24/01/2022 on

Alister's burning desire to become successful drove him to work long hours thus putting too much stress on himself and his demotivated employees.

Being a result-driven business owner, who wants nothing else but perfection for his company, Alister came to a realization that something must be done and discovered the secret to unlocking business freedom – PROCESS.

With this interview, you will be given a new perspective on process, its importance, and why it should be implemented in a way that will allow autonomy, empowerment, and creativity among your employees and team members while enabling your company to run itself.

Discover more about his journey!

In This Episode:

[2:00] What does Championship Leadership mean to Alister? [3:42] Who is Alister Esam and what brought him to where he is today? [9:34] Leaders that have influenced him. [12:23] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make. [14:41] The Dirty Word [17:41] A turning point inside of his life. [21:41] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

  • “I learned more from the ones that don’t know how to do it.”

  • “The less I do, the better it gets.”

  • “If it’s making you unhappy, don’t do it.”

  • “It was to succeed or die.”

  • “It’s not about how smart you are or how good the idea is, I think it’s about the determination to just keep going until you are successful.”

  • “Rethink the whole kind of concept of the process because the process is if it’s done right is like a supporting tool to help people do a brilliant job.”

Short video clips:

Championship Leadership Podcast.


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