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SaaS-Story in the Making Podcast - How the Right Process Leads to a Successful Exit

First aired 23/02/2022 on

Some people feel like process can be too rigid and structured, that when applied, it takes away the team’s creativity and freedom. In this episode of SaaS-Story in the Making, host Matt Wolach and beSlick (formally Process Bliss) Founder and CEO, Alister Esam, talk about the importance of processes and how they should be implemented. Alister shares his knowledge and experiences on how process implementation impacts your business, helps with scaling and can help with a successful exit.

In this episode Matt and Alister talk about:

  • Adopting an effective process

  • Diversify, trust, and empower in your team

  • Founders are too into their business

  • The Dirty Word

Important Quotes:

Alister Esam

  • [15:01] “When you find out why people aren’t following the process, you actually learn something about how you can do it better.”

  • [18:05] “You’ve got to learn that you’re not going to get everything right the first time. The mistakes will teach you the correct way to do things.”

  • [19:27] “If you can be patient, there’s magic in what they say because they’re saying things that you would never get.”

  • [22:43] “When you say process, people just go for the status quo. And to me, it’s the exact opposite. Be what makes you achieve wonderful things in your business.”

Matt Wolach

  • [07:24] “Sometimes, as founders, as CEOs, we get caught working in the business too much instead of working on the business.”

  • [20:48] “We don’t know everything, and it’s great to have different mindsets. Great to have different viewpoints and to empower them to want to speak up.”


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