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The AI for Sales Podcast - The Future of Work: AI Empowering Creativity

First aired 18/11/2023 on The AI for Sales Podcast

In this episode of The AI for Sales Podcast, host Chad Burmeister interviews Alister Esam, founder of BeSlick, as they delve into the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the workplace. Alister shares insights on the intersection of AI and creative innovation, reflecting on his background, the current work landscape, and the potential for AI to free individuals from monotonous tasks, fostering creativity and passion. They discuss the impact of AI in various industries, including sales, and explore the evolving nature of jobs, with AI creating opportunities for more creative and innovative roles.

Key Takeaways:

  • The discussion highlights how AI can revolutionize the workplace by removing monotonous tasks, allowing individuals to focus on creative and passion-driven work.

  • Alister's personal journey from a farm upbringing to discovering a passion for coding emphasizes the importance of aligning work with personal interests and creativity.

  • The conversation explores the role of AI in shaping new job opportunities that prioritize creativity, problem-solving, and innovation.

  • The potential impact of AI in sales and marketing is discussed, focusing on how AI can identify consumer intent and enable targeted and relevant interactions, transforming the sales landscape.


  • "AI has the chance to remove the monotony from work, enabling individuals to focus on their passions."

  • "We need brains that can work things out and produce creative ideas, using tools to handle the mundane tasks."

  • "AI's impact on sales means more relevant conversations, reducing random interactions and ensuring a focus on meaningful client connections."

AI for Sales Podcast - guest Alister Esam, CEO of beSlick

AI empowering creativity podcast


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